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Sale of Straussheim project in South Africa

AMDA Energía, through its South African subsidiary AMDA Developments in Cape Town, recently completed the sale of the Straussheim project to an international IPP developer who is active in South Africa for its participation in the South African REIPPP Bid Window 5  auction.
The Straussheim project, located 23 km north of the town of Kenhardt in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, comprises 225 MW divided into three adjacent sub-projects of 75 MW each. After more than five years of work, the project has been fully developed by AMDA and it is ready to be bid in further Bid Windows of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP), or through other private commercialisation. The development of the project has followed the highest quality standards ensuring the lowest possible impact on the environment and its inhabitants.